Big is not always better especially when it comes to modular homes. Prefabricated homes aka prefab homes are really catching on and are becoming quite popular in Europe, Canada and United States. In fact these days architects love experimenting with  prefab home construction and the end results ends up being quite contemporary and minimalistic. Listed below are some the most innovative and well designed prefab homes.


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WeeHouse By Alchemy Architects

The iPAD by Andre Hodgskin

Shelter No 2 By Broisson Architects of Naucalpan, New Mexico

The Whitney Lakes Pyramid House in Montana

One+ By Lars Frank Nielsen


Micro Home By MFINITY

The LoftCube

Tumbleweed Tiny House by Jay Shafer

Tiny House Arc By Joseph Bellomo Architects

The Single Hauz By Front Architects

Dome Homes by Easy Domes Ltd.

BURST*008 By  System Architects And Gauthier Architect