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Alvin Huang conceptualized and created the Odyssey Lounge Chair in a gorgeous and sculptural way. The Singapore based industrial designer, puts his stamp on ingenuity in this simple an incredible impression of a lounge chair. Minimalistic design, blends with futuristic looks to engender the marvel called Odyssey, that is certain of lending a new age look to any space it adorns.


Odyssey Lounge Chair

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Sculpted completely out of fiberglass, the Odyssey, resembling a lady’s shoe, resplendently profiles the body of the user and lends in very efficient ergonomics. The Odyssey Lounge Chair by Alvin Huang witnesses an exceptionally brilliant use of the very unusual fiberglass in furniture design as it casts itself into an elegant white ensemble that is lightweight and extremely durable. Huang, has achieved a fine balance of negative and positive spaces by ingeniously integrating voids in this ensemble design. Modeled, keeping in mind the user’s comfort and usability, the Odyssey, with its organic dynamism, exemplifies perfection in both form and function.


lounge furniture design by Alvin Huang


The abstract sculptural form of Odyssey lounge chair, a reminiscent of the undulating ocean waves is an artist’s answer to the demands of futuristic furniture with sculptural qualities. Won’t it be nice to have a lounge chair play the role of a sculpture when not in use. Can you see placing this in your bedroom and living room?