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Seeking inspiration from the gone by video game props like the colorful steel beams and ladders constituting the timeless arcade game ‘Donkey Kong’, a Los Angeles based designer Igor Chak has come up with the Donkey Kong Wall System, that literally transforms the digital game icons into a physical manifestation.


Donkey Kong Wall System

carbon fiber wall units


The heavy duty glass shelves of the Donkey Kong Wall System by Igor Chak, sit atop sturdy carbon fiber and steel parts to make a structure solid enough to hold lightweight electronics, a few books and some other supplements. Embellished with anodized aluminum pixels the Donkey Kong Wall system is arranged in a staggered fashion, resembling the ascending game levels, transforming you to the world of ethereal gaming. The furniture exhibits both functionality and aesthetic qualities apart from it being sturdy and durable. With all that is said above, Donkey Kong shelf, sure has a character of its own and a formidable one at that.


game inspired furniture ideas

unique storage furniture design


Iconic ideas and creations sometimes get lost in the flow of time, however, Chak, through his clever creation of Donkey Kong Wall Shelves, has seen to it that the world of ‘Marios’ and ‘Donkey Kongs’ hasn’t been lost forever. So, as Igor Chak puts it So Mario.Sit your Lady friend on that nice looking couch you have and enjoy the show!”  What room will you place your Donkey Kong Wall System?