The decade of the 1950’s was a bustling time around the world.  New ideas, new business, and new fashion brought an era of design that was a drastic departure from the more ornate styles that preceded it.  The simple, bold, geometric shapes were the hallmark of a new world post-war and anything but what could be considered “traditional.” Futuristic at the time, modernist design actually came to embody a timelessness that looks contemporary even today.  That’s why the Box Sofa from Autobahn is both fresh and nostalgic; its clean square form flows through several decades of interior design.


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box-sofa 1
The Box Sofa – A nostalgic sofa with style



The Box Sofa has a solid wood frame is highlighted by equally crisp and tailored upholstery.  The classic tuft detailing softens the look without losing the carful geometry of the rest of the sofa.  Slender, tapered legs lend a sense of weightlessness that offsets the square shape.  Each leg is finished with a brushed brass sleeve cap to round out the consummate attention to detail.


box-sofa 2
The Box Sofa
box-sofa 3
What room will you adorn with the nostalgic Box Sofa?


The Box Sofa is available in several different species of solid wood with complementary stain options chosen by expert designers.  You may select from American black walnut finished with a Danish oil, American white oak finished with a Danish or a white oil, European Ash finished with a white oil, or European chestnut finished with either a black stain or brown paint (RAL 8019).  The wide selection of fabric colors and textures will harmonize with your wood choice for a statement piece that is unique to your taste.


How will you customize your Box Sofa in this modern era?