The Nocto Plus Bed by Interlübke: Pure Comfort

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Want to relax and sleep in luxury? Get the Nocto Plus Bed by Interlübke. It is the brainchild of design company Team Form AG who believe that good design is differentiated by the superiority of the overall solution. The designers were inspired by the idea of developing a comprehensive design solution for modern bedrooms.


The Nocto Plus Bed by Interlübke

Contemporary bed and nightstands by Interluebke


Nocto Plus by Interlübke is an intuitive piece that won’t have you searching blindly for light switches at night or early morning. Its inbuilt motion sensors ensure that a muted light illuminates the immediate surrounds the moment you put your foot down. The bed looks like it is floating and lends an airy and spacious feel to bedrooms. Its suspended nightstands enhance its clean and sophisticated look. They also provide storage for your bedroom essentials like reading glasses, books, and glass of water. Nocto Plus Bed by Interlübke is a very agreeable bedroom solution. It scores highly on durability and versatility. You can get it with different headboards and footboards in matt and polished lacquer finishes. It also comes in a fine selection of fabric and leather upholstery. A generous variety of color and size options makes the bed cater well to the varying needs of people and spaces.


White simple bedroom furniture


Nocto Plus by Interlübke is an insightful and inventive design. It is equipped to meet your needs and enhance your level of comfort. It looks great with any bedding and stands out in any space. With it in your bedroom, sleeping will be a truly rejuvenating experience.

Looking forward to experiencing pure comfort with the Nocto Plus Bed?