Give new meaning to your modern space with the Mediante Bookcase from Santarossa. It is a large piece that instantly adds visual interest to a space. It can function as a wall divider and is perfect for both large and small homes. The bookcase offers a lot of shelving space and is a great addition to your living room or library. Your friends will turn green with envy when they see the way it displays your bestsellers.


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Mediante Bookcase by Santarossa

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The Mediante bookcase from Santarossa redefines modularity. It gives you the ability to multiply, connect, and repeat modules. It comes in a variety of fresh styles and interesting shapes. You can get it as a floor-to-ceiling piece if you have a large collection of books or need plenty of space. To break its linear look and that of the books, you can position accessories strategically. If you’d like a place to store your books as well as your media equipment, the other versions are ideal. Mediante is suitable for homeowners who enjoy changing the look of their living rooms often.


modular bookcase designs


Modern bookcases are not just for bookworms. They are multi-tasking pieces that make lovely homes for anything you like. You can use them to display your family photos, china, ironstone, and even media equipment. If you are in the market for a modern piece, get the Mediante Bookcase. It will put the spotlight on your reading material and help cultivate your family’s appreciation for literature. What would you display on the Mediante Bookcase?