Stylish & Chic Kitchen Island Carts

If you’re lucky enough to have a roomy kitchen with the space for an island, then use that to your utmost advantage. Make sure it’s stylish, chic and super functional. It’s the perfect way to prep for dinner, decorate Christmas cookies, and even use as a place for entertaining. But it’s sometimes a challenge to find kitchen islands that not only fits the functional check mark but the stylish ones too. Have no fear, we’ve found five that will definitely do the trick!

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How To Pick A Kitchen Island

When choosing a kitchen island, you must keep functionality in mind over any other design aspect. Why do you want an island? What will you be using it for the most? Whether it’s baking and decorating, serving and socializing or needing it to help prep for big holiday dinners with the family, if you’re lucky enough to have the space for a kitchen island, then it’s vital that you know how to pick the right one. Allow us to guide you and lead you on your way to finding the perfect fit and perfect match!

Use and Functionality

How to pick a kitchen island is an important decision.  This is a permanent decision that you will likely live with for many years to come unless you change living spaces. Ask yourself, what do you need a kitchen island for? If you’re big on entertaining, then having an island is a great way to help serve the appetizers and cocktails.

It’s a great place to store the wine with a built in rack and it allows for extra prep space for all those big meals. Or, maybe you love to bake goodies and sweets for the family. This extra, open space gives you the room to experiment and make all of those baked goods look pretty.

Maybe you have kids and that extra counter top is where breakfast, homework and school projects take the lead. Keep all these in mind when you’re looking at built-in or mobile islands, whether you need drawer space for storage or hooks underneath for your pots and pans to stay.

In a Hurry?
A Quick View of “THE” Most Popular Kitchen Island Carts
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Liberty White Kitchen Cart with Wood Top

Here’s a product that was made for easy entertaining. It’s an extra spot to house all of your adult drink-time needs and even throw some of your extra dinner party plates beneath the countertop. There are built-in spots to hold a veriety of items that come in handy quicky and this fits many different styles of modern homes.

Liberty White Kitchen Cart with Wood Top by Home Styles

Liberty White Kitchen Cart with Wood Top by Home Styles

Kitchen Island with Spice Rack, Towel Rack & Drawer

We are absolutely in love with this stuning white design with a hardwood top. There’s a free-spirit, boho nature around this kitchen and the extra island cart in the middle only adds and enhances to that trending style. This piece is so much fun and can easily be personalized with extra basket choices at the bottom and mixed material feature. This is an ultra-traditional design that can blend and mould into any home or space. Have breakfast for two atop the counter space or use it as an extra corner piece to serve appetizers during your New Year’s Eve dinner party.

Convenient and accessible way to display your microwave, toaster and other small appliances. Drawer to store kitchen utensils. Cabinet space to store small appliance, pots and pans and much more. Wheels for easy mobility. Great for home and office kitchen

Hodedah Kitchen Island with Spice Rack, Towel Rack & Drawer, White with Beech Top

Hodedah Kitchen Island with Spice Rack, Towel Rack & Drawer, White with Beech Top

Mobility and Movers

That same island on wheels you use to maneuver around the kitchen could be that same island you wheel out to the dining room to use as a buffet table. As we’ve mentioned previously, it’s imperative that you write down and think about the needs and uses you’ll get out of having a kitchen island before you go shopping. If you need something that has mobility, one that’s centered and bolted to the floor of the kitchen won’t be very helpful. You may even need to take it to the patio for prepping poolside cocktails in the summer!

Liberty White Kitchen Cart with Wood Top by Home Styles

Liberty White Kitchen Cart with Wood Top by Home Styles


Modern and Edge

Lastly, you have to think about the design. We’re all about modern, cutting edge designs at Furniture Fashion but we realize not everyone has the home that fits the style. If your kitchen is clothed in country cabinets and distressed accents, then a sharp, stainless steel island will look completely silly and out of place. There are so many ways to mix and match modern, edgy and traditional styles so we urge you to do lots of shopping and inspiring before you make your final decision.

Liberty White Kitchen Cart with Stainless Steel Top by Home Styles

What four questions should you ask yourself  on how to pick a kitchen island?

  • What will I use this for?
  • How much space do I have?
  • Do I need it to be mobile?

What style does it need to fit into?

Kitchen Islands come in many shapes and forms and are ideal for those who have a very large kitchen space and need more central work surfaces for those extra jobs that need doing. There are so many designs and shapes that it is nice to be able to look at what is on offer and see if it would fit into your home design ideas.

As many of us know, the kitchen seems to be the gathering spot at parties and social events and a nicely stocked and refreshment covered Island is always in fashion. The 42 inch bar height serving areas that were so common in years past are giving way to the reduced height of the countertop level 36 inch surfaces you will see in most new construction.

If you are planning on entertaining a lot, you will want to incorporate all the necessities like a state-of-the-art cook top with vent hood, LED over head lighting and the latest sink / faucet combination to round out the setup. And then there is the seating.

Make sure you find something comfortable for long term sitting and allow 12 full inches from the countertop to the seat. There are a great selection of height adjustable bar stools out there which will allow you to transition from a bar to islands heights.

Here we have gathered several designs in a vast mix of styles, finishes, sizes and tops hoping to inspire your kitchen plans. Once again we have rounded up a wide variety of styles, sizes and configurations that offer options for small spaces and large wide open great rooms alike.

I am especially impressed with the way appliances, lighting and seating are included for maximum enjoyment while cooking and entertaining.

One or Two Kitchen Islands

was doing some reading today and a post caught my eye.  The story was about double kitchen islands.  It got me thinking about whether I would want one or two kitchen islands in my next home.  I like how the designs use islands in varying angles and spaces to create different geometric shapes in the kitchen. That offers more possibilities to create a unique space that has a personal touch.  Also, having as much counter space as possible is a blessing for cooking and entertaining.