Steam-Bent Wood Lighting from Tom Raffield
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When it comes to the inspiration behind his amazing creations, wood whisperer Tom Raffield’s bio explains it best: “Tom grew up in the extreme wilderness, tranquility and natural beauty of Exmoor. This environment stimulated his imagination and gave him the freedom to be adventurous with his designs.” Adventurous is an understatement; the twists and turns exhibited in Raffield’s pendants, floor lamps and other light fixtures are mesmerizing whether the lamps are illuminated or not. Composed primarily of ash, oak and walnut, the “Butterfly,” “Scribble” and “Pendant No. 1” offerings shown here are works of art, regardless of function. Intended for use with low-watt, energy-efficient bulbs, these steam-bent wood lights cast a wild and tempestuous pattern on the surfaces beneath and around them, lending an additional sense of texture to the spaces they occupy.  Although painstakingly put together, their effortless appearance is part of what’s so captivating about them. Generally ranging in size from 45 to 70 cm in diameter, the series isn’t available in the US, but at price points between £255 and 550, it’s certainly worth considering during a visit to the UK.  Additional lighting and furniture is available through Raffield’s website.

Scribble wood hanging light

Steam-Bent Wood Lighting from Tom Raffield

Pendant No. 1 Tom Raffield