Ikea Tirup Leather Swivel Chair 1

Ikea Tirup Leather Swivel Chair

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The Tirup leather swivel chair from Ikea is a great piece of accent furniture that can work for many home decorating themes feature modern and contemporary styling.

The combination of leather and brushed nickel creates a classic look that will be in style for years to come. Tirup was created by Scandanvian designer, Carl Öjerstam. Carl has created many great home décor pieces including the Turbinella Lampshade for MGX Designs.

This swivel chair is available in white, black, and lilac.

Measurements: 30 ¾ ” W x 31 1/8 ” L x 34 5/8 ” H. Price: $349.
Tirup Ikea Leather Swivel Chair

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