Ikea is a great resource for small space kitchen design inspiration and this latest example called Concentric provides a wonderful footprint for people living with less square footage.  I had to go look at the definition of the name to make sure I was clear on what it meant.   It relates to inside out such as is found in the center of a circle which then builds out from that point.   Like axles or spokes on a wheel the format is geared from the center out.   I found this very interesting as typically a kitchen is in a corner or built into one wall of a home as opposed to being central.

Concentric Small Space Kitchen Design from Ikea

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The table area is just right for seating two people and a young child.  There is storage on one side where silverware, napkins and condiments can be put away when not needed on the table.

Designer Matali Crasset Concept Example

Small Space Kitchen Design by Matali Crasset

The cooking and preparation ares separated with food safety in mind.   This can help control contamination and make focusing cleaning efforts more exact as you can use the proper chemicals on the right surface.  Also, being small and separated like this, would allow a couple to not be crammed together if both were involved in the meal preparation.

You have to use your imagination when looking at the above picture and cast aside all the wire siding.   There is a bed and play area for a child with some built in storage.  Matali Crasset designed this entire concept and you may think that this type of space would not mesh with a cooking area.  On the contrary, that is part of the master plan.  While one person is using the preparation or cooking area he or she can be watching their child at the same time.  I just thought that was brilliant to allow a parent to multi-task and use time so wisely. Small space kitchen design requires a diligent effort to conserve room and yet make a useful presentation.   Ikea did a wonderful job here in providing a layout for many people to look at the pictures and determine ideas that could work in their own home.