Crystal Clear Glass Desks

Every new year, we make resolutions we may or may not keep. For some, it’s fitness-oriented, or about de-stressing, spending more time with loved ones and taking better care of ourselves in a way that de-emphasizes the stresses in our lives.

For others, it’s about finally finishing that novel, or getting ahead at work, or finishing up a degree we’ve been dragging our heels about.  Today’s roundup is dedicated to the latter set — those of us who plan to get to work in 2021 and refuse to give up.

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This roundup of sleek, clear glass desks highlights the ultimate in minimalist design that promotes productivity — no clutter, no distraction — just the task at hand.  To everyone with big ideas for making things happen in the year ahead, we salute you and wish you well.  Let’s do this!

Crystal Clear Glass Desks

Gulliver Writing Desk by Tonelli

Bent Glass Desk by Zafferana

Italian glass desk