Flexispot Electric Standing Desk Review

The Flexispot Standing Desk Review

NOTE: For clarity, I have not paid for this flexispot standing desk. I was sent this desk by flexispot UK to test it out around 6 months ago. Once the test is completed the desk will be used for the foreseeable future and updates to the article will be made approximately every 6 months to see just how the flexispot electric desk continues to work.

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The Flexispot standing desk comes in three packages to distribute the weight of the items, and to keep damage down to a minimum.

FLEXISPOT Standing Desk Converter 28 Inches
  • Made for Fluid Workspaces: Sit or stand freely while you work with the FlexiSpot M7 28'' standing desk riser. It turns any desk into a standing desk so you can adapting postures for max comfort and productivity.
  • Ergonomic 2-Tier Design:Our 2-tier design offers ergonomic excellence for reading and typing! The 28.4'' width of top tier holds a monitor up to 27'' with ease, the roomy base tier of 12.1'' depth holds a standard keyboard and mouse, or a 13'' laptop.
  • Freedom to Any Height:Go from sitting to standing with single-lever and allows a smooth height adjustment from 4.7'' to 19.7'' within its own footprint. The powerful gas spring system holds up to 33 lbs while the double-X frame distributes the weight evenly at any height.
  • Ready to Use: Ships almost fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box! Just attach the optional keyboard tray (if desired) in one easy step, and you're ready to customize the way you work.
  • Trustworthy: Enjoy your new Sit-Stand Desk Converter, or get your money back with our 30-day risk-free guarantee! Plus, it’s backed by our 5-year warranty and friendly support via chat, email or phone.

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Flexispot Electric Desk
Flexispot Electric Desk

Installation of the Desk

Due to the current pandemic this desk has been with me since around the middle of March 2021. It duly arrived in two boxes as due to the weight of the items it would have been far to heavy for the driver of the vehicle to be able to carry the box on his own.

This also ensures that the items within the boxes should arrive to you unmarked and unscathed and be ready for assembly. Both boxes are quite heavy, but easy enough for one man to move around and prepare to put together. Once the boxes had been stripped down and all the parts put together I took a quick look at the instructions for the installation. This was much easier than I anticipated and it actually went together far quicker than I thought. In around 40 minutes the whole desk was together and standing ready to use.

The instructions from flexispot were very straight forward and easy to read and assembly was quick and simple. The only point of note is the desk surface itself. Make sure that you are either working on a carpet or some type of soft surface or you will scratch the desk as it is directly on the floor when you are screwing the parts together as you are working mostly on the underside of the desk fitting motors and cables most of the time.

The flexispot standing desk instructions are as simple as you can get. They do exactly what you need them to do.

The desk top comes in its own packaging. This is obviously one of the most important items about the desk and you should check to make sure there is no damage to the box. The desk itself is well protected, and each corner is in twin polythene and cardboard to keep it protected.

The rest of the components come in two seperate boxes to keep the weight down so that they can be managed by the courier, and so that you can move them around when you receive them. Both boxes should be checked to see if there is any damage.

Most of the components here are made of steel, so should stand up well to a little abuse from delivery.

Once they are all unboxed there is not actually that much to do. As you can see from the image above, the flexispot components are very minimalistic, and the whole build process is very easy for anyone to do.

The main legs of the flexispot electric desk come with their main components already in place. This saves you time trying to figure out what goes where.

Flexispot Standing Desk Review

Motorized Control Panel and Memory Buttons

The desk comes with a small control panel that you can fit either side of the desk to the left or the right. The screw heads (two) are already there for you to just screw it into place.

This control panel has 4 memory settings that you can choose to set as your default settings. This is great for your standing and sitting positions, plus a setting for putting your chair under when you have finished for the day and one extra setting. Simple and very easy to use.

I have fitted the motorised control panel in the right hand side as you look here. However there are holes in place to fit it on the left side if you so wish. This is a very easy panel to use with some great features.

Flexispot Standing Desk Controls

What Is The Flexispot Stand Up Desk

The Flexispot Stand Up Electric Desk is the ultimate in height adjustable desks. Flexispot offers a range of desk heights, from 27″ to 48″. It’s perfect for those who want to stand up while working and have the option to sit down when they need a break. The best part? You can adjust your work surface with just one touch!

The Flexispot is a stable solution for your workstation needs. It features a cable management system and legs with adjustable levelers to ensure that it meets the stability standards that you need in order to get your job done comfortably.

As you can see from the image below, the flexispot Electric Desk can hold two small monitors and a 15.6″ laptop without any issues. Both of my monitors are around 52 centimetres wide and there is plenty of space for a soundbar, keyboard and mouse.

Flexidesk In Use

Flexispot Desk Sizes, Height and Strength

The size of the one I have is 140cms x 70 cms. Not bad but well short of what some electric desks are capable of these days. Flexispot have a range of desks available up to 80 inches. This size would have been my choice due to the nature of what I actually need a desk for.

Personally I prefer twin dual large monitors so that I can have two screens and 4 work zones running at any one time. That would mean a much bigger desk than a 48” desk that they sent to me. My current desk is 180 cms which is 70 inches.

There is also a 2 and 3 stage height offer. The two stage runs from 27.2 inches to 46.5 inches in height. The three stage runs from 22.8 inches to 48.4 inches. This means that the three stage offer would be capable of getting lower and slightly higher than the two stage version. The difference in price for the 3 stage is around $40. The top of the range desk can hold up to 275 lbs. That should be strong enough for most desk systems.

Flexispot Desk Build Quality

The quality of the metal design is excellent. All of the parts that I used were solid metal and very easy to put together. In fact when you need to strip the desk down you can just turn it upside down and remove both legs from the main frame. Everything else can stay in place. The work surface is another ball game. Mine came in white. It is of adequate quality and will mark fairly quickly. It is not real wood of any type.

Flexispot Desk Stability

Both front and rear, and side to side stability of the desk is excellent. I have found no issues for either of these so far with the desk.

Flexispot Desk Accessories

There are a large number of desk accessories for you to choose from either when you are purchasing your desk, or at a later time. Due to the width of the desk being 70 cms or 28 inches, I would seriously look at the monitor stands for a start. My own personal desk is a full 20 cms wider than the electric desk.

For the cables that are hanging when you are in the fully extended position, consider the options mentioned in in the Uplift Desk bu badasstech below. This seems like a great idea for a neat and tidy way of getting rid of cable clutter. For me I just simply taped most of the cables to the bottom of the desk. I did not bother with the plate that came to cover the cables as I did not see a need for it.

Choosing A Standing Desk For Your Computer

Why Have A Stand Up Desk

  • Good for your health
  • Burns more energy when you are standing

The Positives and Negatives Of The Desk


  • The motors are very quiet
  • It is great to have an electric desk rather than a static desk
  • They can actually carry quite a lot of equipment


My only real negative so far is the screws that attach the metal frame to the desk top. These should have been better thought out for long term use. The only saving grace is that you do not need to remove the desk top even when you take it all apart as it is easier just to remove the whole legs.

Flexispot Electric Sit Stand Up Desk Conclusion

A sit standing desk is a great addition to any home where you are constantly working from home or spend a great deal of time on your computer. Just to be able to get the exact height that you want to work at is a big bonus.

Find a desk that is big enough and strong enough for your needs. For me this should be a desk as big as possible so that it accommodates all of my computer stuff and is capable of holding it with ease.

The eclectic desk should also be reliable and work without error for many years. I would suggest a minimum of a dual motor desk with one motor for each leg. Do not consider a single motor as this seems to have problems. Also make sure that you choose a motorized control panel with a good choice of memory buttons.

Other Reviews of the Flexispot Electric Stand Up Desks

I have done some research online about the Flexispot Stand Up Desk as I wanted to get the feel of what others thought about the desk itself. My review is my own personal thoughts on how the desk has performed and still performs to date.

Badseed Tech

Flexispot Desk NOTE – In this video he is talking about a single motor design. That is a very basic design that I would not recommend. The one that I received is a dual motor design and is far easier to build with the advantage of 2 motors, one for each side.

Uplift DeskA great desk but at a premium price. Looking at what Flexispot has to offer in their bigger choice of desks I personally would still go for the flexispot 80” desk as it costs a fraction of what the Uplift desk costs and seems to be capable of doing the same job.

This is an excellent review and sadly the desk in the review gets ripped up for bog roll. I would not recommend a single motor desk after watching this review. This is a NEGATIVE review.

David Zhang

Probably the most viewed with almost 2 million views regarding stand up desks. Although I do not agree with some of his statements regarding health benefits, as standing will certainly burns more calories than sitting on your arse all day. This is an excellent review on why you should consider an electric stand up desk.

Mark Ellis Reviews

In this review Mark puts the flexispot desk together and shows how easy it is to do this and how it works. This is a POSITIVE review of the desk. Mark later goes into Mac stuff if you are into that thing.

Suzi Belli

Suzi shows the basic details of assembling the flexispot desk herself. She takes almost 2 hours to build it. She has had the desk for just over a year now and has recently posted an update stating that the desk is still working fine. This is also a POSITIVE review

Tim Fraticelli

In this video Tim has bought s flexispot desk FROM HIS OWN MONEY. He liked it so much that he UPGRADED it later in time. This upgrade looks like a single motor desk. I personally would give this model a miss as this is the one that was heated so much by badseed tech

Gary Cruz Dot Com

Gary gets the top of the range frexispot pro and shows building it from scratch. This apparently takes less than 5 minutes to build. That is unbelievably quick.

Assembly is simply the two legs and the control panel. This is the same way that I took my desk apart when I moved it from one house to another recently. It took around 10 minutes to put it back together and have it running again. Gary shows a wobble test with a glass of water and shows both standing and sitting positions.

The Stand Up Desk Competition

A couple of years ago, the standing adjustable electric desk market was heating up with a slew of new entrants hoping to capture some of the considerable momentum building behind sit-stand workstations.

We hope you enjoyed the flexispot standing desktop review.