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In the world of design, gestural abstraction is a creative process that emphasizes random occurrences. Bench #15 by Nico Yektai is one such expression of unique peculiarity. Its starkly unusual construction is what reveals its beauty and sophistication. In creating this indoor seat, the designer experimented with contrasting texture and asymmetries as is evidenced by the combination of concrete and wood and the blending of curves and solidly chiseled lines.

Masterfully sculpted, the main distinctions of this bench are the randomly designed halfback and the gestural lone armrest. The partial back serves to add to the visual complexity of the design. Particularly appealing is the rich oxidized sapele seat which is designed in staggering layers to add to the overall appeal and dynamism. Bench #15 by Nico Yektai is fundamentally a functional sculpture that seeks to add drama, sophistication, and fun to the indoors. Its sculpturally designed white cast concrete legs balance out the deep asymmetries and the visually captivating movement that is embodied by the halfback and the dynamically layered seat.

The complexity of this indoor piece is further compounded by the appealing curvatures of the solid sculptured concrete legs. The legs not only serve as steadfast buttresses, they also bring out the beautiful, wild abstraction of the entire bench. A true one-of-a kind sculpture, Bench #15 will fit in perfectly in clean, minimalist, and modern exteriors. It will add pizzazz to your space in the blink of an eye.

Which of your interior spaces could use this statement piece?