Did you ever think about using some of the natural elements in nature to help enhance the natural beauty within your home?  Well, one of the strongest elements is rock.  You can choose for it to be placed as an accent wall or around the fireplace for more rough and rustic rocks.  Or perhaps you prefer the softer and smoother rock for your bathroom.  Whatever you chose will go great for your interiors.  So look below and become inspired to use the rock.


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Rustic Rock

Image via: Ken Hayden


Choosing a bold and rustic or smooth rocks:

Rock displays and symbolizes a natural element yet it can also mean royalty.  You can see it throughout history from stately castles to urban lofts; that the rock is put in higher end architecture to show wealth and power.  Plus rock will usually last for a long period of time.  So try to incorporate your interior and exterior walls with rock that has a natural stone brick.  To ensure the durability and rustic look for your home. Believe or not, rock can help to relax and calm the human body.  The rocks help the body to remember the tranquil ambience of streams, brooks, wooded areas etc. and connect with the emotions that it would feel within those areas.  Bring rustic rock into your interiors for backsplashes, bathrooms, showers, vanity counter pull in smooth natural stones that will help your body to rest.


rustic bathroom rock wall

Image via: Benjamin Benschneider


Rustic rock can transform any surface:

Rock is a versatile material and many of us only think of it for fireplace walls or for isolated projects. Whether you choose to have it on your walls, flooring, countertops, or even your ceilings the rock element can give a very natural rustic or smooth look wherever it is used.  Depending on how you intend to finish off the rock can change the entire aesthetics of your home environment. Use flagstone, river rocks, or boulders for the exteriors or accent walls within your home. If regular rock is too heavy or cumbersome in your home remodeling project or too expensive consider using veneers. Rustic rock veneer uses a thin layer of rock with structural support material behind the rock, providing the support and stability of the wall or application. Veneer walls come in a variety of colors and rock varieties.


rustic rock interior walls

Image via: Charlie Simmons


Use exterior rock details for your interiors:

Play with idea of combining some of the qualities of the exterior with the interiors.  Rock is one of those materials that can look the same on the outside as well as on the inside too.  Some examples would be log cabins at a ski resort or mountain homes.  Also, try using rock on your entryways and again the fireplace too.

Never underestimate the power of nature or a natural element within your interiors.  Rocks can be a calming and serene addition to your space.  Natural stones such as rocks and others can be so flexible that they can be used practically anywhere within the home.  It is completely up to you how you prefer to display or use it.  So take these suggestions and see how you can rock out your own interiors.