Covered in Art: 10 Beautiful Tile Examples

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We talk a lot about filling a home with beautiful things, but if we think of the home itself as a living entity, we ought to also take into consideration the strength of its bones, the subtleties of its lines, and the clarity of its skin.

That being said, a great set of tiles can truly transcend a home from a mere living space into a memorable and unique spot in the world.  Whether it’s an inventive grouping of dissimilar tiles into a striped wall accent or a long, sleek sheet of shimmering glass in abstract shapes making up an overall pattern, a well-considered series of tilework can easily aspire to be considered as art in and of itself.

So, enjoy today’s roundup of ten beautiful tile configurations — we’ll bet you’ll feel ten degrees cooler just looking at it.

custom tile mosaics
Mosaic Tiles from Mosaic Plus

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beautiful tile work
3D Colored Glass Tiles via Reyu Design


custom floor tile example
Alphabet Tile Floor by Made a Mano


abstract glass tile designs
Angled Abstract Glass Tiles from The Transparenze Collection


floral tile designs
Floral Tiles from Impronta Ceramiche


hand made tile flooring
Handcut Tile from Lerch’s Flooring & Tile


gorgeous tile designs
Shimmering Wall from Oceanside Tiles


copper colored tile
Shimmery Copper Colored Tiles from Lascaux


striped tile example
Custom Stripes from Made a Mano


beautiful tile work
Elisa Boeger Tilework by Made a Mano



Several elements in today’s series found at Made a Mano.

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