Coffee Table Designs In 2020

Glass Coffee Table Designs

Sometimes, you need a glass coffee table to just do its job.  No fuss, no muss… just hold stuff.  Other times, though, it’s nice to have a focal point in the center of a room, drawing the eye to whatever treasures it might hold — family photos, a prized antique, or just the remote control at the end of a very long day.

Whichever function you’d like yours to serve, today’s roundup has you covered with glass coffee tables ranging from crystal clear to deep and dark and black as night.  All of them glisten, and all of them gleam, but which side of the force you fall on is completely up to you.

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A Grand Selection Of Coffee Table Designs For You To Browse Through

The Cool Sectional Glass Coffee Table

This glass coffee table is the Sectionimal. Created by Chilean design studio gt_2P. At first glance one can see the influence of mathematics in the table base that appears to follow a certain algorithmic progression.

This is part of their parametric furniture offering created by CAD design using complex formulas. The table top is glass, but there are three options in the base that include plywood, corian and aluminum.

The Sectionimal Table By Gt 2p

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Furinno Simple Design Coffee Table

Furinno Simple Design Coffee Table, Espresso


Meta Table from Made in Hollywood

meta table coffee table design
Most unusual coffee table


Transparent Black Glass Coffee Table by Koket

black glass coffee table
Transparent Black Glass Coffee Table by Koket


Cutout Glass Coffee Table by Studio Sovet

cutout glass coffee table
Cutout Glass Coffee Table by Studio Sovet


F1 Glass Coffee Table by Peter Boy

geometric glass coffee table
F1 Glass Coffee Table by Peter Boy


Modern Round Coffee Accent Table

Walker Edison Furniture Company Modern Round Coffee Accent Table Living Room, Glass/Chrome


Noguchi Coffee Table Reproduction from Plush Deco UK

Japanese glass coffee table
Noguchi Coffee Table Reproduction from Plush Deco UK


Right Angles Table by Jason Phillips Design

angular glass coffee table
Right Angles Table by Jason Phillips Design


The Camden Glass Coffee Table from Tonin Casa

X-shaped glass coffee table
The Camden Glass Coffee Table from Tonin Casa


The Gemelli Coffee Table from Jensen Lewis

ultramodern glass coffee tables
The Gemelli Coffee Table from Jensen Lewis


VASAGLE Industrial Coffee Table

VASAGLE Industrial Coffee Table with Storage Shelf for Living Room, Wood Look Accent Furniture with Metal Frame, Easy Assembly, Rustic Brown


Bent Glass Coffee Table

Leonardo da Vinci once called simplicity “the ultimate sophistication,” while Walt Whitman called it “the glory of expression.”  Both would undoubtedly approve of this bent glass coffee table.

Made of one continuous piece of glass with polished edges, so much so that anyone investing in it might consider keeping a copy of “Leaves of Grass” or a book of da Vinci’s lesser-known works on top of it at all times, in a nod to minimalism’s more notable fans.

Particularly perfect for a room with floor-to-ceiling windows, the table’s utterly un-fussy lines and clarity keep it from disturbing the eyeline.

Tangkula Glass Coffee Table, 42.5" L × 20


Sleek Glass Coffee Tables

Depending on how many statement pieces you have in your living room, a glass coffee table can wind up causing a bit of overkill if it’s rather bold itself or even just to match.

Consider these sleek glass coffee tables to provide a little clarity while getting the job done without a fuss.  Simple doesn’t have to mean boring, though; Today’s roundup features minimalist glass pieces with a twist of artistic flair, either in the unusually shaped wood or metal base, or in the glass’s presentation itself.

Each one adds a little sparkle to a living space, lends a conversation piece to a home’s decor, and bonus eliminates the need to worry about water rings and spills.


Clear Glass With Wood Base

Finding Clarity: 4 Sleek Glass Coffee Tables


Clear Glass With Metal Base

round glass coffee table


Unusual Glass Design

artistic glass coffee table


Stunning Glass Design

abstract glass coffee table


Yaheetech Lift-up Top Coffee TableYaheetech Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Storage Compartment & Shelf, Lift Tabletop Dining Table for Living Room, 19.2-24.6in H


Fiocca Contemporary Glass Coffee Table

Here is a great contemporary glass coffee table made by Fiocca. In case you thought glass went out of style 5 years ago, not so. Glass can still provide your home with a clean, fresh look.

Stock up on the ammonia cleaner, since dust will show as are fingerprints. They make the product pictured here of ½ thick tempered glass with beveling on the edges.

This contemporary design piece has a chrome finish frame that fits into a black marble base.

Fiocco Contemporary Coffee Table


Shanghai Glass Coffee Table by Established and Sons

Eclectic designs were once a preserve of the esoteric, the minimalists at heart. Today, many are embracing the combination of whimsy, chic and cleanness espoused by eclectic décor.

The Shanghai Table by Established and Sons is a modern display of whimsical, playful elegance infused with a statement of simplicity. In creating this structurally versatile table, designer Allesandro Ciffo experiments with solid, sharp clean lines and contrasts these minimalist attributes with a splurge of color from the multicolored beams.

Shanghai Table by Established and Sons


Reminiscent of toy blocks, the colorful silicone beams serve as an unusual, yet trendy buttress for the glass tabletop. Designed with versatility and interchangeability in mind, we can rearrange them into myriad styles without compromising the support they lend to the entire unit.

The Shanghai Table by Established & Sons can remodel itself to diverse spaces such as minimalist, contemporary, transitional, or eclectic interiors. In particular, the choice of colorful support beams will add an eye-catching color contrast to any room.

Shanghai Table by Established & Sons


The clean trim of the see-through glass tabletop adds to the simple yet sophisticated elegance of this decorative piece. Owing to its intrinsic flexibility, Shanghai not only serves as a coffee table.

It can also be re-invented into a dining table by manipulating the structural placement of the silicone beams. In its entirety, this table cleverly merges the informal with the formal, playfulness with profundity, utility with inventiveness; Contrasts that will enliven any space.

Would you prefer Shanghai as a coffee table or as a dining delight?


Coffee Tables With Bent Glass From DellaRobbia

DellaRobbia is no stranger to glamorous modern furniture made right here in the USA, and despite their location, the collection has a distinctly European flair. Teaming up with designer Javier Polarmos has resulted in a beautiful collection of modern coffee tables that feature bent glass, each with unique qualities visually and functionally.

Polarmos included a split design with contrasting colors for the “Axis” allowing for a versatile arrangement, and a two-level design for the “Metro” perfect for displaying decorative objects without giving up the table surface (shown in white with clear top).

The “Eden” also features a two tear design but this time contrasting T shaped glass and base make a look that pops and breaks up the square shape. I know the “Tectra” square coffee table with four storing stools will be a big hit when the friends come over, and the fabrics used here will also add some color to any living room setting.

Bent Glass Coffee Tables Dellarobbia

Coffee Table With Stools Dellarobia

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