The Botanic Twist benches collection is a public furniture design in stainless steel and acacia wood. An eco-friendly project made from a majestic bench nearly 10 m long with two planters, watering system and led lighting included.

Designed by Alexis Tricoire and realized by Tolerie Forezienne also known as TF URBAN, the Botanic Twist outdoor and garden benches collection is specially highlighted by the quality of the materials used, the comfort and conviviality that each bench brings to the space its placed in. The bench shapes a seamless seating line for natural flow control, while the small footprint makes efficient use of the space its placed in. A refined and elegantly designed piece that is intended for both open spaces like parks or gardens and for closed areas as well, such as shopping malls, airports and stations.

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Botanic Twist Bench Furniture Collection
In 2017 the Institut Français du Design (The French Design Institute) assisted by a multidisciplinary jury of 50 experts from the world of business, design and human sciences, unanimously rewarded the Botanic Twist bench the Janus 2017 Award in the Living Space category. A new distinction specially created for this innovative project opening a new window to the urban creations that will introduce well-being and human approach over the future.


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TF Urban is an expert company in transforming metals and in combining them with multiple materials such as wood, fabric, ceramics and more. In this particular design, they are using only European-French wood which has been oiled with 100% natural oils to increase its weather resistance and innovative lighting and watering systems makes the public or patio Botanic Twist benches a unique contemporary design.

TF Urban masters not only the normative aspects, but also aims to enhance the value of public spaces, especially locations where urban furniture is installed. With the help of Alexis Tricoire they have managed to invent new objects that promote and integrate green areas into urban environments.

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