Are you itching to get your hands dirty and get creative? But, you really want to make something for your house that meshes with its suave, chic and modern styling? Have no fear, there are plenty of Contemporary DIYs floating around the web that coincide with a more sophisticated look. Instead of handmade flair or vintage-inspired, let’s take a peek at 5 classic, black and white contemporary DIYs that will help spruce up your personal space.

These easy little boxes can be used to organize your home office desk or even in the kitchen for small knick-knacks. They’re super simple to use and super chic when sitting on display. You can find the original tutorial here and get to work at making some of your own “derry” boxes in contemporary color combinations and prints.

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Eye spy with my little eye … a spotted canvas! It mixes well within this modern collage and it can easily be made by you! All you need is a canvas of your size and shape choice and then add some dots with as much freedom or confinement as you’d like! It’s easy to do and the whole family can join in!

Create a memo board for your entry way or kitchen with a simple cork foundation and fabric piece. Choose a modern piece like a black and white polka-dot print or striped design. Then, all you need is a staple gun to finish it off! It’s the perfect way to leave yourself notes and to-do lists in a contemporary fashion.

Take a look at this beautiful piece of DIY work. It’s fashion-forward, it’s personal and it has lots of bold style. Instead of painting your accent wall with a bold shade of red, why not paint some of your favorite music lyrics and fun phrases in your own handwriting right onto the palette?

Grab some porcelain paint and white plates and then pluck from you imagination. This is such an easy way to get your hands dirty in the DIY world and also create something unique and modernly chic! From patterns to your own abstract art, this is such a fun way to go from novice to veteran in the home tutorial world.