What a fresh new design the Cu.Bed from Bolzan Letti brings to the home!   I think about all the boring designs that rehash shapes and themes of the past.  Here we have some new and fresh to look at.  The choice of colors is great too.  Whether you want to have a neutral color like the gray seen here, or mix it up with more variety you can do that as well.

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I cannot be certain, but I have to wonder if it is a play on words.  Could it be the word, “cubed?”  I am thinking the meaning is something different though.  The overall shape and visuals do not support that idea.

Bolzan Letti Design

There are a few ideas that popped in my head regarding possible inspirations for the furniture design.  One is a pipe organ that you may see in a church.  The pipes often have different lengths supporting what this looks like here.  Though I do not see colors as bold as the yellow Cu.Bed pictured above.

Another idea may that of a fence.  I think this is less likely since fences are normally symmetrical and follow a similar pattern of height.

Could another play be the keys of a piano?  Imagine this ensemble in black and white?  That would closely mirror what you see in the ebony and ivory of a piano and how they interact with one another.

Cu.Bed Pictured in Modern Bedroom

Bolzan Letti Furniture Designs

Besides fabric I can see this in a leather though it would be challenging to make.  One concern I do have is with keeping this wonderful piece clean.  It would be easy to wipe something on it and a spill of a drink would be such bad news.   Nonetheless, it is a gorgeous and fun design that would befit many a contemporary themed home.  Storage is also a bit limited in this style as well, but is likely addressed by sizable closets.

Yellow Contemporary Styled Bed