10 candles chandelier design
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With the candle holders from the Agnes collection by Roll&Hill, you can change the appearance of your interior design giving it a chic and exotic flair. In today’s world, your interior design is hardly complete without the touch of a candle holder hanging down from the ceiling or placed in a strategic position in the house.
Nowadays, excellent candle holders and even the candles inside are a critical part of the interior decoration. It’s not just the warmth they generate to make the house cozy within special moments; they also appeal to the eyes, and noses of your guests.
There is a wide range of candle holders available today. The main thing is to find the ideal candle holder that complements your interior decoration.

10 candles chandelier design

The Agnes collection by Lindsey Adelman for Roll & Hill is inspired by a girl named Agnes, a worker in the world’s oldest profession during the 1849 American Gold Rush. Defying the expected roles as a wife and mother, she instead chose the fierce independence and transient lifestyle of the frontier.
Lindsey Adelman is a Manhattan designer stimulated by structural forms found in nature. Her signature branching chandeliers incorporate raw materials such as hand-blown glass, porcelain, brass, bronze, leather, and wood.

Agnes candle holders collection

The modular system allows Agnes easy set-up in her makeshift “workspace.” A warm glow transforms the room. This fixture is available in a table and a hanging version.
Adelman’s Agnes collection consists both in candle holders and light bulb fixtures. The centerpiece of the Agnes candleholder collection is the 9 candles Agnes Candelabra Table, which is not exactly a bargain at $4.420, but if you go for the 20 lamps chandelier you have to get out of your pocket around $20.000.
Agnes candleholders have an elegant design, featuring a modular anodized aluminum structure with articulated joints. Articulated joints allow them to be rotated to irregular angles or be arranged vertically in a church-like state.

Agnes 5 Candles Candelabra

Agnes Candelabra Table