Recently launched at the 2016 Milan Design Week, Boffi Code kitchen is not a new kitchen model, but a program. Boffi Code bears the signature of a designer who has long been linked to the company, the Italian designer, Piero Lissoni.

“If you can dream it, we can do it.” This is Boffi’s mantra and with this line they announced their cutting-edge new program at the furniture fair in Milan. The Boffi Code allows customers to tailor kitchen compositions to their choice of materials and layout. It is conceived to offer complete freedom of design for both kitchen and bathroom thanks to carefully selected technical solutions and exclusive finishes.

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Boffi Code kitchen

Recognizing that more people are seeking unique products for their homes, Boffi want to have a quite tailor-made dimension for the kitchen, thanks to the abilities of the craftsmen. From the materials to the construction techniques through the research on new technologies, all can be custom-made based on client requirements.

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Marble, steel, recomposed stones and fossilized woods are the materials that cover the kitchen, while for the counter tops, Abonos oak, Durinox stainless steel, Corian or solid wood are available upon request.
Thousands of years old woods extracted from rivers, metals that are manually treated with special finishes and natural stones create a unique product that cannot be repeated by the industrial production. On top of that, Boffi Code is a product that uses all the best technology available today to achieve the highest levels of sophistication and complexity of a home kitchen.

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The goal is to create a unique product with a highly industrial craftsmanship, dedicated to meet the needs of sophisticated clientele that does not want a kitsch but rather something very special.
Boffi code is one of the most difficult products to be made, and you have to wait to get one as the special processes of manufacture take a lot of time, and there are clients in line that come from all corners of the world.

Piero Lissoni furniture project

fossilized wood kitchen

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