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Think animal inspired furniture, and the mind instantly conjures up leopard prints, fur and everything garish. Thankfully that is not always the case and sometimes the furniture ends up being classy and imaginative. Listed below are some of the coolest examples of furniture inspired  by the animal kingdom and even PETA will be impressed.

The Octopus Chandelier by Timothy Horn

The Eames Elephant Children Stool 


The Butterfly Coffee Table by Svilen Gamolov

The Black Octopus Chair

The “Made In China” Collection by WOKmedia

The  Hippopotamus Footstool 

Snake Inspired Mirror by Fratelli Boffi

The Reptile Chair by Wild Design

Martin the Mule by iBride

Joe the Polar Bear Bookshelf by Ibride


The Dolphin Chair by Wild Design

Animal Lamps 

Animal Furniture Collection by Elad Ozeri


The Animal Tales Collection by ding3000

Elephant Foam Stool by Elmar Flototto


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