The future of comfort with zen-like simplicity is here.  by design team Ludovica + Roberto Palomba brings a surprising new meaning to furniture fashion.  Contemporary from top to bottom, every inch of the sofa is re-imagined.  Once designed, the Levitt collection was crafted with specially built moulds to precisely shape each of the flowing curves.  The low, rounded shape of the sofa feels inviting and warm with a touch of Eastern inspiration in its Zen-like simplicity.  Instead of a traditional frame and legs, the Levitt is based on a platform-like cushion made from viscoelastic material for durability.


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Zen-Like Simplicity - The Levitt Upholstery Collection

Levitt Upholstery Collection



The lines of the Levitt sofa  by Viccarbe are smooth and uninterrupted with the absence of cumbersome seat cushions with seams.  The backrest, a completely independently shaped piece, cradles the throw pillows and offers arm support.  It’s a truly new way to relax. Its construction and striking appearance are strong enough to hold up to daily use in your home or a commercial office setting.  Plenty of color choices let you create a mood ranging from calm and sophisticated to upbeat and playful.


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Its style is unparalleled; so wherever you use it, the Levitt will stand out from the crowd.  A grouping of sofas and armchairs provide the perfect perch for a group of friends or coworkers, while a single seat is large enough to curl up with a good book all by yourself.


Choose something new and exciting for a décor update with the Levitt Sofa: We all love zen-inspiration, right?