Youthful Bedding With A Statement

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Whether you’re going back to campus in the fall or starting out in your very first apartment, you’ll need bedding that makes a statement and helps your bedroom come full circle. It could be a black and white geometric print or something with lots of fresh colors. Unfortunately, we spend too much time of other aspects of our place of rest instead of focusing on bedding that will create a focal point as well as an artistic element. Today, we’ve compiled several options for those looking to freshen up their personal space and hopefully it’ll provide some jazzy, contemporary inspiration.


Assembly Home Between The Lines Duvet Cover -$79.00-$89.00 via Urban Outfitters

It’s simple and clean. It’s great for a room that’s sprinkled with bouts and bouts of vibrant colors. But, it’s also a lovely choice for someone who needs a room that is modern in style but relaxed in vibes. This duvet cover adds a textural, artistic appeal but leaves no fuss or chaos in aesthetics.

Youthful Bedding With A Statement

Room Essentials Ombre Comforter Set – $39.99 – $59.99 via Target

The color is lovely and trending. The ombre is an effect that will quickly become a staple to every room and closet. And the speckled, textured look is wonderful for a lively and youthful woman looking for a bedroom with lots of pop and pizazz. Make this your focal point of the entire room and allow the rest of the space to be dipped in neutrals with no excess adornments.

Room Essentials® Ombre Comforter Set Target

Organic Seersucker Duvet + Shams – $24 – $169 via West Elm

It’s crisp and clean, white a bit of a soft and delicate appeal. This organic, seersucker duvet is perfect for a couple that needs some youthful and modern, yet cozy enough to feel like home. Use wood pieces to enhance that welcoming feeling around the room, or add some drama with black polished furniture to set off the bright white.


Gemma Reversible Quilt – $129.99 via World Market

Sometimes we need a little surprise and eclecticism even in the most chic of spaces. This beautiful set from World Market will not only brighten your home, but add a certain amount of edge to you clean, contemporary bedroom. You can even create a modern, vintage theme around this bedding!


Lacoste Alombert Comforter and Duvet Cover Set – $189.99 via Macy’s

Fresh, with a bit of preppy appeal, this bed set is perfect for a room with light! The yellow helps natural light from windows to act freely about the room, giving it a natural glow. And the polka dots are a great choice if you’re looking for a modern print that’s still youthful and versatile.

Lacoste Bedding, Alombert Comforter and Duvet Cover Sets Macy's

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