Does your home come equipped with a fancy multimedia room? You know, the sort of entertainment oasis where you’ve neatly arranged your modern gadgets, from big screen TV to surround sound system and beyond? In case you love music in particular we’re going to show you some relaxing seating solutions from Woouf that will match that newly created media room. Today we’re looking at various bean bag designs which are inspired by music. The WooufAll Foam, the MiniWoouf Foam, the Sonic Foam, the WooufAll, the MiniWoouf, are all featured below and they’re available to purchase from 130 to 275 Euros. It’s up to you to decide whether they fit the theme of your music room.

Woouf Themed Bean Bags Enhance Your Multimedia Room
Woouf Themed Bean Bags - MiniWoouf Foam
Woouf Themed Bean Bags - Sonic Foam
Woouf Themed Bean Bags - WoofufAll
Woouf Themed Bean Bags - MiniWoouf

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