unique bookshelves
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Just when we thought we’d seen every which way a bookshelf could be made, Daniele Lago had to go and show us something we’d never laid eyes on before, even though she first designed it a decade ago.  The Tangram shelf system is, in Lago’s words, “a square in seven pieces combined with imagination to make new shapes come to life.”  Named after a popular, classic Chinese game in which players slide seven captive wooden pieces around inside a square, trying to make them fit perfectly together like puzzle pieces, the unit instantly calls to mind a visual nod to the game.  Lago chose to create the piece from chipboard, seal the edges and cover the back in faux leather for a textured effect, but really, the most compelling visual aspect of the piece is its unending series of angle after angle.  Presented in black, white and a natural finish, these unique shelves offer a clean yet complex modern take on the traditional bookshelf, casting half of everything in their clutches at a 45-degree tilt.  Endlessly configured into a myriad of shapes and sizes, the Tangram is an adaptive and unique shelf series with more than just one point to make.


Unique Shelves from Lago Design


unique bookshelves


Photo credits: Lago

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