Wallee Mounts Your iPad on the Wall You Need It On the Most 1
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The iPad is a game changer in the gadgets’ world and it can definitely be a nice addition to your home. If you need a device that offers you quick access to various resources of the web while you’re at home then why not get the right wall-mount for it? Wallee is such a device and it will quickly help you mount the iPad on the wall you need it on the most. Are you just teaching yourself how to cook? Use Wallee in the kitchen and access all those recipes on the iPad instantly. Want it by the phone, just in case you need to have personal information at hand? Mount Wallee next to your main home phone line in a landscape, or portrait position. For $49.95, the Wallee also doubles as a protective case, which will certainly keep the iPad very secure while resting on your chosen wall.

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