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There’s something endlessly refreshing about the color green.  It’s as invigorating at Christmas as it is in the middle of an intolerable July swelter, and regardless of its hue, it calls to mind the concepts of nature, coolness, and renewal.  Today, we’ve rounded up ten drastically different green chairs, from simply curved modernist works to stuffed and pointed objects of royalty from eras past.  Although the word “green” has become synonymous with other eco-conscious terms, we’re getting literal in this curation and pulling together great finds from the spectrum of the actual color itself.  From olive and apple to neon and grass, this ensemble spans the entire range of the color’s hues but stays true to its central theme: per this collection, contrary to what Kermit said, it’s easy being green.

10 Fresh Green Chairs


comfortable green chairs


green accent chairs


traditional accent chairs in green


contemporary green couch


stylish armchair in green


green home furnishings


plush furniture


green swivel stool




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