The Versace Bubble Sofa

We don’t see a Versace Sofa every day so this Versace Bubble Sofa deserves some special attention.

As you can see this sofa concept clearly offers us an interesting approach on how living room sofas should light up space with their personality.

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Well, okay, maybe not everyone will be up for such a colorful sofa, but the Versace Bubble Sofa is still dressed to impress. And if plenty of colors is not what you want your Bubble Sofa to wear then you could always dress it into something more appropriate.

The Bubble Sofa comes with either leather or fabric upholstery and no matter what material and color you end up choosing I’m sure your Versace Bubble Sofa would deserve at least a run down the catwalk.

This Versace furniture was starting at 18,000 in 2010. What price now in 2019.


Versace Bubble Sofa
Can you buy a Versace bubble sofa in 2019
Versace Bubble Sofa 2
Probably one of the nicest looking sofas on the planet. A white Versace Bubble Sofa.
Versace Bubble Sofa 3