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When it comes to wellness, our moods can have a great impact on how our body and mind performs. Depending on your circumstances, it may be appropriate to consider a mood lamp to help with some of the challenges in your life. The HappyLite from Verilux is designed as a “pick me up” that is very simple. The unit simulates natural sunshine without damaging UV rays. Sunshine is important in creating Vitamin D in the body as well as creating a better mood for us. In winter months where sunshine may be limited, this little mood light can help. Studies show that depression increases in people when there is continual darkness or lack of substantial sunlight. Another use is for offices that do not have windows where HappyLite can provide that “ray of hope”. HappyLite is intended to be used for 20-30 minutes per day to create the sensation of sunshine. Size: 4″ x 5 ½” x 12″. Price: $90.
Verilux Mood Lamp

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