The V-Two Sofa seems to be a simple living room that blends a regular sofa’s looks with a few modern lines but there’s more to it than meets the eye. The V-Two Sofa has hidden features, which will make you absolutely adore it, not to mention that it could become the centerpiece of your living room. The V-Two is actually made of two symmetrical halves that can be pulled away from each other to reveal a table in between that also acts as a connector for the two separate sofa elements. The V-Two can transform in order to meet your needs and it can act either as a full sofa but also as two, apparently independent, armchairs connected by a handy table. Last but not least we’ll notice the storage areas underneath this modular V Two Sofa, which offer plenty of space for anything you’d want to have close to you when enjoying your time off at home.

V-Two Sofa Comes With Hidden Plan to Take Over Your Living Room
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Take Over Your Living Room
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