Nothing will grab your attention faster than a huge set of gleaming precious jewels set in shiny gold, platinum, or silver.  That’s why the Scringo Storage Units, designed by Fernando and Humberto Camapa for Edra, will stop everyone in their tracks from across a room.  With a single piece, you can transform a plain wall into a glittering showcase, because the Scringo looks more like priceless jewelry than storage solution.


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The Utmost in Drama: Scringo Storage Units by Edra

Scringo storage units by Edra



Why does the Scringo Storage Units by Edra sparkle? Because the structural frame of each different style is layered with brilliant shards of acrylic called Colorflex; each piece is precisely laser-cut but seemingly random like slivers of a broken antique mirror.  The shards completely cover the surface of the Scringo Storage Units with a texture designed to break, distort, and refract the light like the facets of a huge, brilliant cut-diamond.  You can choose from a range of colors, and Edra will match the visible parts of the frame to the Colorflex with special shades of metallic paint created exclusively for the illusion of the Scringo Storage Units.


Scringo storage units

golden furniture design



The Scringo is available in several different styles to be suitable for every room in the house.  First, a tall stand-alone piece with two, winged doors on the face that open outward as well as a low, four-door buffet version with plenty of storage space.  There are also two drawer styles: a “settimino,” or seven-drawer dresser with an incredible presence, and a vertical chest of drawer that looks like a reflective tower.


Which Scringo storage unit will you let grace your home?