Uten.silo from designer Dorothee Maurer-Becker, 1969 is one of the best known plastic designs from that era and is the perfect “out of the way” place to store and keep track of all the kitchen, bar, and bathroom trinkets we normally look through drawers for. Today, this colorful wall mounted storage tidy is a veritable design icon and a true-to-the-original version of the product has now been reissued by Vitra Design Museum. The uten.silo is available in White, Red, and Black and is available in two sizes from Hive Modern. Small $350 20.5″ w | 26.75″ h | 2.5″ d Large $425 26.5″ w | 34.25″ h | 2.5″ d A small chrome version is available for $575 as well.

wall mounted bathroom storage uten silo
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