In contemporary furniture trends, there is a strong risk of creating a living room that feels like it is for anything but actual daily life.  Sharp lines and cold precision leave a room empty of the personality and warmth that should be present in any home.  The designers at Parra Furniture understand that modern design must be balanced with an inviting sense of comfort that characterizes a real home.  That is why the p3 living room collection features a seamless harmony of contemporary style and organic warmth that results in brilliant design meant for your daily life.


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P3 Living Room Collection by Parra

P3 living furniture


The full suite of bookshelves, cabinets, and media centers all share the same overall square and rectangular proportions in neutral shades of cream and gray.  The simple outlines are clean and chic, with visual interest created by the asymmetric placement of the cabinet doors or open shelves within each piece.   The unique details of the p3 living room collection by Parra make it truly stand out and give it the natural touch to make it personal.  Open and glass-front display shelves feature interior lighting that casts a warm glow on your favorite collectibles, highlighting your personal taste and brightening your space.


Minimal living room furniture

Lacquer style furniture


Each piece also incorporates a rough, unfinished wood border detail that contrasts with the otherwise-crisp lines.  The natural material add texture, personality, and just the right kind of accent to ensure the p3 collection is friendly and inviting as well as contemporary.  Do you want a modern, stylish living room that still feels like your home?