This sideboard looks like an elegant puzzle made up of even square panels.  The simple wood design explores light and shadow by setting the panels at different depths to achieve a textured effect.  As the light plays off of the Tribeca sideboard, you’ll notice the wood grain changes direction with the panels to add a more subtle depth to the front of the piece.  Without handles or drawer pulls, at first it’s hard to tell if the cupboard even has storage space.


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Tribeca Sideboard

Sideboard design


Don’t be fooled; the sideboard actually has three vertical drawers and cabinet space perfectly hidden in the geometric façade.  The seams of the drawers and doors of the Tribeca Sideboard by Klab match the checkered pattern exactly for an optical illusion that just adds beauty to the piece.  The subtle texture and simple styling of the Tribeca make it perfect for complimenting an existing dining or living room suite.  The rich wood tones lend a warm and inviting feel to the space in your home that you use the most.


dining furniture design



With the Tribeca, you’ll have a modern piece of furniture that presents an optical illusion as to its real purpose: the ample storage space for keeping your belongings organized in any room of the house.  For storage that looks like a subtle work of art, the Tribeca sideboard is the solution that will make your dining or living room glow.  With the right accessories, this sideboard will give guests a great conversation piece.  They will all be asking, “Does it open?”  Will you reveal the hidden compartments?