Looking for a bed that combines functionality and style? You’ll find everything you need in the Ri_letto sofa bed from Respace. It offers a gorgeous balance of function and contemporary style and is a true space saver. If you’re limited for space or want something that can accommodate unexpected guests, this bed makes a good choice. It is the perfect modern innovation for sleeping, sitting, and lounging and is upholstered in durable, plush fabric that is attractive to look at and nice to touch.


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Ri_Letto Sofa Bed from Respace


The simple yet versatile Ri_letto sofa bed from Respace will modernize your living area and help you to make the most of it. Other than functioning as a normal sofa, it transforms into a double bed that can sleep two adults. Underneath the cozy sofa lies a single bed that can be easily pulled out. The single bed is supported by metal elements which can be adjusted to raise it to the level of the sofa.


Sofa Bed design

double sofa bed


The sofa has throw pillows which make comfy bed pillows at night. They add functionality and style and also function as armrests and headrests. The Ri_letto sofa bed has soft clean lines, a sturdy structure, simple shape, and neutral color and is a must-have for modern homeowners. If you like taking naps during the day, this bed is the answer to your needs. It makes nap time a pleasant experience and is inviting and comfy. It will ensure your guests get the royal treatment they deserve. Wouldn’t you enjoy entertaining your guests on the Ri-letto sofa bed?