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Featuring a classic design and contemporary touches, Mr. & Mrs. Wing Chairs are a perfect blend of old and new. They are a fresh take on the traditional wing armchair. They are made by hand and designed in-house by Caroline Atack for Lyndon. The seats look good next to sofas and other furniture pieces. You can use them together in your home or as standalone pieces when you want to make a style statement. Their arms and wings have been designed to make a gentle, contemporary statement. The furnishings are all-enveloping and draw you into luxury and comfort.


Mr. & Mrs. Wing Chairs by Lyndon


The collection by Lyndon are perfect for a variety of settings. They look good in residential spaces, managerial offices, and even hotels. Their design and personality is enhanced by their height and corresponding details. Mr. accent seat offers a masculine feel with its full underframe, wooden button, and full seat. Mrs. seat on the other hand is clearly feminine with its low back, loose cushion, and leg detail. Mr. has a solid wood underframe with a profiled cushion while Mrs. is beautifully completed by a solid wood leg. Both designs are flexible and can be interchanged if preferred. They come in different colors.


accent furniture design


Both accent Wing Chairs epitomize Lyndon’s core values of unparalleled craftsmanship, high-end materials, and timeless design. The company’s proficiency in handcrafted upholstery is evident in the design and the end products are a technical and an aesthetic triumph. Would you get both Mr. & Mrs. for your space?