Narcissus may have met his end after staring at his reflection for a little too long, and word has it his vanity was to blame.  But with today’s roundup of chic modern mirrors, we kind of couldn’t blame him if it he met the same fate all over again; this time, there’d be 50/50 odds he was just staring at the mirror itself.  From the simple weathered circle by Restoration Hardware to the ruffled, leafy edges of the Coco by Made Goods, these are something to gaze upon indeed.

modern mirrors
The Coco Mirror from Made Goods


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modern flower mirror
Flower Mirror from Modern Dose



modern gold mirror
The Bloom Mirror from Opulent Items



modern oval mirror
The Cool 74 Mirror from Opulent Items



quirky wall mirrors
The Cool Mirror Collection from Calligaris



whimsical wall mirrors
The Hearts Mirror from Opulent Items



creative wall mirrors
The Mash Wall Mirror from Opulent Items



floral wall mirror
Two-Tone Floral Mirror from Melissa Wall



prism mirrors
UK Five by Five Mirror




weathered wall mirror
Weathered Mirror from Restoration Hardware


Coco mirror found at Made Goods.