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The circular library in the images below is a custom project that combines two things book lovers would like, a good personalized library and a comfortable reading chair. This particular home library has a circular shape and enough storage space for your favorite book titles, which you could keep switching on a regular basis. On top of that this circular library will also offer you a rocking chair’s experience and act like your own personal reading cradle while you’re reading or getting ready for an afternoon nap. This modern furniture item can be yours for £6000, but you can’t have it shipped to your door. Instead you’ll have to hire its creator to make it for you, which is going to be equally expensive, but very rewarding if you love books. Or you could buy a Kindle and one of those rocking chairs we’ve shown you here before instead.

Circular Library and Chair 1.jpg
Circular Library and Chair 2.jpg

Circular Library and Chair 3.jpg

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