The Two Leg Table Can Perfectly Hold Its Own 1
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I know what you’re thinking when looking at the Two Leg coffee table in the pictures below: can that thing really hold its own weight, let alone placing anything on top of it? Well it looks like it certainly can! Even if it seems pretty risky to use it as a coffee table, the Two Leg table is made of strong materials: Corian surface and oak legs. Furthermore, in order to maintain its perfect equilibrium, any table needs at least three points of contact with the floor. Well in this case, even if we’re talking about a Two Leg table, it has four points of contact with the floor, thanks to this out-of-the-box design so your coffee will be waiting safely on top of this Two-Leg table.

Two Leg Coffe Table 1.jpg
Two Leg Coffe Table 2.jpg

Two Leg Coffe Table 3.jpg
Two Leg Coffe Table 4.jpg