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I tend to love trees in their usual, up-right position, but I will have to admit that this Sycamore Arch Bench project looks pretty attractive. I am not encouraging you to cut trees and transform them into pieces of outdoor furniture yourself. In fact, if you plan on placing such a Sycamore Arch Bench outside then why not leave the tree intact in the first place? On the other hand, those of you that love interiors made of wood will probably find a good use for such products inside a modern wood-themed home. The Sycamore Bench is just one of Adrian Swinstead’s creation involving trees and other materials and the whole collection is up for display at the gallery in Redchurch Street in London.

The Sycamore Arch Bench Would Look Great in Your Back Yard
Sycamore Arch Bench 2.jpg


Sycamore Arch Bench 3.jpg

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