The Skull Lamp Will Shine the Halloweens of the Future 1
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It’s too late to get this freaky, scary, surreal Skull Lamp for this year’s Halloween but you can always buy it or make it yourself, if you got the skills, for next year’s Halloween edition. The Lamps are created using a cast of a skull so they are pretty real, hence the scary part, and can be hanged around your house, the porch, and left around your entrance door. But make sure you don’t scare your visitors too much, since instead trick or treating they might be TP-ing your home, which is definitely not the outcome you’d want from your Halloweens. And by the way, since you’re probably getting ready for your local Halloween party, have a great time, with or without any Skull Lamps!

Skull Lamp 1.jpg
Skull Lamp 2.jpg

Skull Lamp 3.jpg