The Rabat Grand Theatre By Zaha Hadid

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World renowned architect Zaha Hadid has stunned the architectural world by unveiling the new design plan for an upcoming theatre in Rabat, Morocco. The Rabat Grand Theatre by Zaha Hadid Architects rises unapologetically from the ground and is a fascinating study of the emerging futuristic architectural trends that rely heavily on striking geometric forms.

The Grand Theatre will be located in the Bouregreg Valley and will have a dedicated land area of 47 000 sqm and a gross floor area of 27 000 sqm. With a cost price of 120 Million Euros the highlight of the theater is also said to be its outdoor amphitheater which has capacity of up to 7,000 people.

“I am delighted to be building the Grand Theatre in Rabat”, said Zaha Hadid. “Morocco’s unique musical traditions and rich cultural history in the performing arts are renowned throughout the world. I am honoured to be part of the cultural development of the nation’s capital.”

Rabat Grand Theatre by Zaha Hadid Architects



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