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The images below show you a Fovea Architects creation, the Crooked House, which seems to be a regular Swiss home that just happens to have tumbled over. But the Crooked House isn’t upside down, and looking at it from a closer angle we discover its magic. We have at a two-story home that has an interestingly shaped second floor. The floor in question is inclined at a 40-degree angle but thanks to those huge windows the views upstairs are incredible. Those large windows will let in plenty of light during the day, while also guarding your privacy in the process. And we also assume the inside of this unusual home is filled with out-of-the-box furniture ideas, although the images that we currently have mostly focus on the exterior.

The Crooked House Seems to be Upside Down But It Isn't
Fovea Architects creation

Swiss home design
Crooked House 4.jpg
Crooked House 5.jpg
Crooked House 6.jpg
Crooked House 7.jpg

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