The Agassi-Graf Casual Furniture Collection from Kreiss

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One of my favorite casual furniture collections is the Kreiss series that offers a very usable and stylish combination. This year the Agassi-Graf living room collection was released as a relationship was formed by long time customer Andre Agassi who later conspired to create a furniture line with his wife Stefanie Graf. The Agassi-Graf Collection is a wonderful union of contrast, texture and comfort. Each piece incorporates exotic finishes, clean design and the use of distinctive combinations of materials to create a memorable, sophisticated statement. A dark woven leather frame combines with off-white chenille cushions to create a sofa that’s’ elegant and relaxed. One piece that really caught my eye was the Ball Lounge Chair by designer Allan Murillo that is pure geometry and gives the illusion that it is floating on air. The entire Agassi-Graf collection includes living room, dining room, and patio furniture for a most discerning taste.

agassi graf furniture collection kreiss