Go retro and flashback to the good old days of boomboxes and cassettes with the Boombox Set. Don’t be fooled by the clever styling as this one isn’t actually a music player but a pillow set. The set is made up of three pillow pieces that are shaped like an old school boombox cassette player and two subwoofers. The pillows can be purchased separately for around $30 a pop but whats the fun in that? The entire collection will set you back $84.99 which is a small price to pay for such a fun and funky product and you can order it online from there.

Product Description
• Set witn 3 pillows (1 Boombox + 2 Speaker)
• Microfiber fabric.
• Filled with polyester fibers.
• Washable without fading.
• Measures 42×42 cm / 15.7×15.7 inches

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