The simple act of sharing meals goes back through time to the very beginning of man’s history.  The dining table, a universal symbol of food and friendship, is nearly as ancient.  It is so deeply ingrained into daily life that changing anything about the tradition and the table seems like reinventing the wheel.  Is it even possible to create a design that hasn’t already been made before?  Estel’s Landscape Table, designed by Ross Lovegrove, answers with a bold and resounding yes.  With a distinctive base and matching chairs, the only thing familiar about this piece is the generous round tabletop for four.


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The Pinnacle of Modern Elegance: Estel’s Landscape Table

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The Landscape Table by Estel, is more sculpture than furniture, with a columnar presence that just slightly recalls a time of monolithic stone architecture.  But the thought lasts only an instant, because the contemporary colors and lines plant this design firmly ahead of the trend.  Each seating space is defined by a concave impression that gives the table its unique shape.  The result looks like a carefully carved cylinder in smooth metallic shades.


golden table

landscape table

Due to the clever use of negative space, gracefully sleek legs emerge from the design to support the round top.  Paired with the low-profile chairs, this design will serve as the artistic focal point of your dining space without a doubt.  Serve your guests at a table they will never be able to forget.  With the Landscape, every meal will be just a little more artistic.