It’s probably a safe bet to say that of all the furnishings and décor in your home, your pet furniture is the one thing that’s never received a compliment from a guest (and probably never would). That could change, though, with the addition of a pEi Pod. This seriously urbane egg-shaped bed for Your Pets is so modern — and, quite frankly, adorable — you just might want one for yourself. It’s too bad they only come large enough for your four-legged friends up to 16 lbs (in the medium pod; smaller pods are suitable for pups under 10 lbs). Able to handle up to 100 kgs of weight pressure, the washable, high-density polyethylene pods are available in a variety of colors and sizes, with an array of cushion colors from which to choose. It’s a dog’s (or, for that matter, a cat’s) life after all. $130 and up.

pet egg

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