The Keops Evolution Bathtub is an evolved (pardon the pun) take on the modern bathing culture. Given that us modern dwellers are living a cramped existence in bustling cities, the chances of  enjoying a home spa is slim to nothing. But Spanish company Royo Group tackles this problem by designing the space-saving Keops Evolution Bathtub. Measuring 170 x 90 cm (67 x 35 in), it is compact enough to accommodate one person at a time, so those planning romantic soirees may have to look somewhere. Available in a number of models, the tub can be ordered with spa like features like  water jet massage, air jet massage, well designed handles and headrest, sub-aquatic light, automatic drying circuit and remote control support. One can also splurge further and opt for features like ozone therapy, aromatherapy, LED lighting and  dynamic jet massage.

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