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You’d have to make plenty of friendly wagers and win an awful lot of table tennis matches to make up for the price tag on the Tom Burr Ping Pong Table, but truth be told, it’s a pretty fantastic-looking piece of work, with part of its proceeds benefiting a good cause. Neiman Marcus offers the $45,000 Limited Edition Ping Pong Table from renowned artist Tom Burr; it’s made almost entirely of black rubber, making the game just a bit more bombastic than usual, and certainly more chic, what with the table’s almost intimidating black-on-black presentation. Only 10 samples of the table exist, so although the asking price is high, they’ll likely sell out quickly. Neiman Marcus is donating $2,500 to Big Brothers Big Sisters for every table sold. Dimensions: 9’L x 5’W x 30″H.

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